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Welcome to LAMBDA's Nonprofit Digital Advertising Blog. 

We are a Cambridge-based social marketing agency dedicated to driving long-lasting change in underserved communities through digital advertising. 

Initially, we focused on supporting grassroots organizations in the Greater Boston Area during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, our mission has now expanded to assist nonprofits and small businesses across the United States. 

  • Red Feather Development Group, Flagstaff - AZ
    Housing Assistance For Native American 
    Increased its organic traffic by 600% in less than 30 days with ZERO dollars spent on ads.
  • Solutions at Work Inc, Cambridge - MA
    Founded by homeless individual over 30 years ago
    Raised over $10,000 in less than 90 days after relaunching its website with consistent branding and messaging
  • Stargazer Cast Iron, Lehigh Valley - PA
    Small Business, Manufacturing & E-commerce 
    Optimized its e-commerce store in Shopify for conversions, search engine & Social Media PPC,  and achieved predictable six-figure months and multiple seven-figure years

We are trusted by nonprofits and small businesses all around the United States

The success of your programs/projects is our main objective 

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We are a small team and due to our limited capacity we are not able to work with all organizations. That's why we offer free access to our course 'Introduction to Nonprofit Digital Advertising,' where we share the framework/system (LAMBDA) we specifically designed for nonprofits and social businesses looking to scale their impact, helping them surpass the milestone of $10,000 per month in online donations.

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