Working Together To End Homelessness

Driving Impact in the Greater Boston Area through the art of digital advertising

Solutions at Work Inc (SAW) is a nonprofit organization founded by homeless individuals in Cambridge, Massachusetts. SAW has been assisting individuals experiencing homelessness in the Greater Boston Area for more than 30 years. They provide a range of services to empower and support their clients on their journey towards stable housing and self-sufficiency, including advocacy, meals and shelter, job counseling, professional attire, and children's clothing, toys & school supplies exchange.
Despite the success of their award-winning programs, when Solutions at Work started working with us, they faced the challenge of limited visibility and fundraising opportunities. They had inconsistent branding throughout their digital channels, and their website was not effectively attracting visitors, volunteers or generating the necessary support to sustain their impactful programs.
Our Solution:
Working closely with Solutions at Work, we developed a comprehensive digital advertising strategy to enhance their online presence and drive meaningful engagement. Our team implemented a multi-channel approach, including organic, press, search engine, social media, email, and paid advertising, to maximize their reach and impact.

Few of our amazing results with SAW

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Within just 90 days of launching a new website and implementing our digital advertising strategy, Solutions at Work achieved remarkable outcomes:

- Raised over $10,000 in donations, enabling them to expand their services and support more individuals experiencing homelessness.

- Ranked 1st in Google for keywords related to homelessness in Cambridge and significantly increased website traffic, reaching a broader audience and increasing awareness about their cause.

- Enhanced engagement with their target audience through effective social media campaigns and community outreach efforts.

- Was able to cover operating budget for the next 3 months, ensuring that essential services remain uninterrupted and more homeless people can be assisted during their time of need.
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